What are the uses of Methyl cellulose



Methyl cellulose is widely used in the construction industry. Such as cement, mortar, joint cement and other mixtures. A binder used as a film former in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries, and also as a woven sizing sizing agent, a synthetic resin dispersing agent, a coating film forming agent, and a thickening agent. Methyl cellulose is a very stable substance that is resistant to acids, alkalis, microorganisms, heat, and the like. In the human body, it is excreted from the body without any change.
Methyl cellulose is used as a thickener; a stabilizer; an emulsifier; an excipient; a dispersant; a binder; a film-forming agent hydrosol substitute. Also used in mayonnaise, shortening and some other foods. Because Methyl cellulose does not digest in the body, it can maintain several times of water, resulting in satiety. It can be used to make biscuits, waffles and other therapeutic foods. When using, first wet the powder with about 1/5 of the required amount of water, then add cold water (if necessary, add ice) and mix well. EEC: Applicable to frozen foam products, potato chips, soft drinks, special dietary foods, bakery stuffings, foam toppings, sauces.